There is an amazon hiding in the heart of every woman, its time to let her roam free in the wildest of Namibia.  Let us reawaken our wild woman, filled with intuitive knowing, creative passion, sensuality and strength.

Through play, rewilding, movement, improv, communication and imagination we will awaken your true goddess.

You will learn to identify opportunity, let go of fear, connecting and combining ideas, challenging assumptions and most importantly discovering your nature force.  

You will be supported and inspired by a like minded community of women from all walks of life.

Average daytime temperature: 27°C
Activities: Dune climbing, Stargazing, Land art, Primal yoga, Survival skills/bushwalk, Traditional games and dances, freedance, nature cooking, tool and craft making, animal spirit, wildlife viewing and sleep outs. 
Dates: September
Program duration: Ten day in adventure in Namibia
Destination airport: Windhoek, Namibia (WDH)
Price: On request


WHO IS IT FOR: All women with a desire to open a deeper and more profound way of being within themselves and the world.

For women who care deeply, love fiercely, women who are soft and powerful.. Women who are practical and spiritual. 

Together We… Inspire, influence, provide and create what should exist.

We are wild women.