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Wander woman

If you want something in life you have to wander after it

The distances will be great, the contrasts large, communication difficult, food security unknown and wildlife encounters many. Aleks will wander across different countries with different indigenous people. She has already crossed Namibia on foot with two San guys

The expeditions are done without money,relying on survival skills and the humanity of others. The kindness of strangers will help the wanderers summon the courage and endurance they'll need to stay the path.

There is only has one rule, all means of crossing countries are either two legged or four legged.

She will takes us on a journey and connect us to what it feels to be truly connected with the world. After each country crossing she will leave the indigenous peoples that walked with her a key and toolbox to extract their ancient knowledge and turn it into a modern opportunity for the future.  

Allow me to walk, and I will bring you a journey”