Are you ready to rewild your mind and venture into Worlds oldest desert in Namibia?

Rewilding is not about going backwards, to prehistoric times.  “ It’s about reconnecting to that wildness dormant inside you; and to mother earth that birthed us all, or that something that connect us to the earth we need to protect”

It's time to reconnect to your own true nature and  reawaken our wildness, filled with intuitive knowing, creative passion, sensuality and strength.

Shedding layers - stripping back the false, limiting beliefs  or what ever is holding you back from becoming your full expression and what better place to unfold than in the desert of Namibia. 

The desert is a place where there seems to be nothing, but there is everything. It is a representation of freedom, life, endlessness and space, but also a place of loneliness and struggle. A place were we encounter true nature, life, others and ourselves. And silence is always for free.

During this 10 day expedition we will work on empowering people from all walks of life to love themselves, lead an inspired life, reach their fullest potential and become the change they want to see in the world. 

Get ready to play in the red sand, rewild in wide open spaces and climb the highest dunes in the world

"We might just be a grain of sand. There is significance in small things".

You will learn to identify opportunity, let go of fear, connecting and combining ideas, challenging assumptions and most importantly discovering your nature force.