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Culture and nature are the colors of our world, colors of diversity that teach us about how much we still have to discover, learn and take responsibility for.”
— aleks

Nanofasa Conservation trust was established in 2011, by Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen when she was 21 years old, after she had worked two years in Namibia and volunteered in Botswana.

Nanofasa is a non-profit trust dedicated to protect, manage and sustain the cultural and natural integrity of the San communities and their environment. We extract ancient knowledge and turn it into a modern opportunity.

We work to ensure healthy and productive interactions between Nature, Adventure, Culture and Communities. Through innovative projects we want to minimise dependency and poverty and maximise the communities feeling of ownership and pride to actively participate, lead and run projects as entrepreneurs, mentors and conservation shepherds.

Improved ecosystem health is essential for the sustainability of our planet and our people!

I have devoted my life being a caretaker of nature, wildlife and to indigenous peoples. I have dedicated my life to YOU and the ground YOU walk on. TO MAKE IT LAST.
— aleks