Screen Test                                           Role                               JV8inc          Directed by: Jennifer Vendetti

Almost Perfect                                   Model                                                    Directed by: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan


#takeitoff                                    Actor, Co- Director & writer       Endemic Productions

I am Woman                              Actor, Co- Director & writer       Jana Brukner

On the Right Track                  Director & writer                           Endemic Productions

Somewhere in the bush of Paris     Co-Writer and Actor           Jani Studios


The intimate Journey                 Myself                    Paprika Productions                   Pierre Stine

Poverty of Perception                   Myself                         Celine Cousteau                    Stefan Hunt

The Model and the Bushmen    Myself                        TerraMater/Nat Geo           Harald Pokeiser

The New Century Tribes            Myself                    Planete                                          Pierre Stine

The Widlife Rescue Centre        Myself                    Nat Geo                                        Harald Pokeiser



Ellos Strong women                       Myself                          We are Production                         Fredrik Schollin

Pandora                                                 Lead role                                          

Replay Jeans                                        Lead Eco Warrior Pulse & Icon Films                           Dave Ma



SHEILA GRAY NYC 2008-2009 and 2016 current

Studies include: Scene Study, Sensory Training, Improvisation, Audition Workshop and Private Classes

Gudlaug Hovig- GH Acting & Producing 2004-2007

Acting training based on Stanislavski's System, stage movement, improvisation, vocal work, pantomime and performance

Fagerborg Highschool of Dance & Drama

High School Drama Diploma, June 2005

 TABU Norway 1994-1999

Studies include: 5 years of basic acting training, improvisation, stage awareness, intonation, movement, play and text work.