Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen (also know by the Bushmen name N/aisa)is a tall, blonde viking from Norway. 

She has traveled the world and worked as a model on a high international level from the young age of 14. She has worked for brands and magazines  like Jimmy Choo, Replay, Hugo Boss, Oscar de la Renta, Elle, Vogue, Dazed and Confused etc..

She studied method acting with Sheila Grey in NYC. This opened doors to film, documentary work, screenplay writing and directing.

When she was 18 years old she moved to Namibia to work with wildlife, and a few years later she became a family member of The Ju'/hoansi San people, and a year later started a project working side by side with the bushmen to conserve the last wilderness of Namibia.

She came to save them, but they saved her out of her poverty of perception. It was different kind of poverty, it’s the one where your stomach is full, but your heart and purpose is empty.  

The San had thought her about reconnecting to nature and that we are of NATURE, and this has inspired  her quest of rewildling not only herself but also the world. 

Aleks is here to expand the ecological consciousness of our planet and reconnect people and the environment.  She has dedicated her life to empowering and assisting people from all walks of life to love themselves, lead an inspired life, reach their fullest potential and become the change they want to see in the world. Aleks is a multifaceted social and environmental rewilder working with a variety of mediums from documentaries/film, sustainable fashion, consulting with corporations/foundations, public speaking, workshops/retreats and private coaching.. Each form shares the same message of interconnectivity between people and nature.


“Rewilding is not going backwards, to live in the woods – superficial stuff like that.   It’s reconnecting to that wildness dormant inside you; the amazing, rich thing that’s there waiting to be engaged with”

I realized that I had to become a doer and not a talker. I realized that I needed to learn to love myself as much as I shared and gave love to animals and people. 
— aleks