UN #goal15: Life On Land.

So excited to be a @TOGETHERBANDOFFICIAL Ambassador for this goal.

#TOGETHERBAND is about creating a healthy future by supporting the 17 Global Goals created by the UN. These are the most challenging issues that our planet faces. We need to take action to create a sustainable future. Right now.



The Wonder of Women

Empowering and assisting women from all walks of life to love themselves, lead an inspired life, reach their fullest potential and walk that extra mile to be the change they want to see in the world. 



Nanofasa is a non-profit trust dedicated to protect, manage and sustain the cultural and natural integrity of the San communities and their environment.

We extract ancient knowledge and turn it into a modern social impact opportunity that can be applied for the sake of nature

We wish to achieve a presence of sustainable, vibrant and healthy communities in areas of operation. We will minimize dependency/poverty, and maximize the communities feeling of ownership and pride to actively participate, lead and run projects as Indigenous entrepreneurs, mentors and conservation shepherds.


Indigenous peoples

“You can plant trees, but you can’t replant indigenous peoples”


Lion conservation

“The lion is almost gone, but the same counts for my people. I will become a Wildlife shepherd, I will protect them from extinction and they will do the same for my culture.”
       - Dam Debe


Eat for Earth

Hungry for Health? How to live better in and with ourselves, contribute to the wellbeing of the collective and Planet.


Rhino Conservation

I wish I was a unicorn —————

Seeing and experiencing rhino today is becoming a rare sighting. If we do not act now, they will disappear in silence.