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Travel with me

Lionhearted expeditions

I bring you closer to nature and your own true nature in Namibia The land of the brave.

In our world there are very few places where we can experience silence and stillness. Our senses are over stimulated with noise and constant input. Overload of information both audibly and visually is stretching our nervous system and we are no longer capable of connecting to our selves, our creative heart and mother nature.

 We offer you something different.

The Lionheart expeditions are designed to allow you to Travel deeper within yourself and our surroundings, learning from our ancestors and saving our home. 

The LIONHEART expeditions give you the chance to embark on a holistic holiday, whether you want to unlock creativity, rewild your mind, self healing or just to break away from your everyday life. At its most profound, your experience can be an incredible journey of personal discovery that can change your life. In its simplest form, it’s a deeply relaxing break with good food, new friends and transformative moments.

We are a traveling nomadic sanctuary for people, creativity, nature and wildlife.

  • Move WILD:  Reconnect people with the wild and natural movement from our evolutionary history. The world becomes a better place when we understand and align ourselves with our own nature. Get ready for Primal movement, yoga and free-dance in nature.

  • COMMUNICATE WILD: Simulating natural communication through improvisation, tracking, plant communication, animal spirit sessions and land art.

  • EAT WILD: Learning to Eat like a real human. Cooking in nature and gathering bush foods.

Rewild expeditions


Ancient footsteps


The desert reWild


Wild WOmen expedition