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Model - Actress - Public speaker - Conservationist-  Tracker/ nature guide

Yoga teacher - Documentary Presenter- Script writer

CEO & Founder of Nanofasa Conservation Organization.

Aleksandra is a real viking born in Norway. She traveled the world through modeling from the young age of 14. When she was 18 years old she moved to Namibia to work with wildlife,  and a few years she started a non profit organization working side by side with the Ju/´hoansi bushmen to conserve their knowledge, culture and the last wilderness of Namibia. 

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Aleks is a multifaceted social and environmental rewilder working with a variety of mediums from documentaries/film, sustainable fashion, consulting, public speaking, workshops/retreats and storytelling. Each form shares the same message of interconnectivity between people and nature.


“I realized that I had to become a doer and not a talker. I realized that I needed to learn to love myself as much as I shared and gave love to animals and people. ”

— Aleks

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