Our bodies! Our decision!


I love men, but my love is conditional. I only love men who has the balls to love, respect and honor women. Men who acknowledge that women are entitled to make their own decisions, their own money, and decide over their own bodies. Who the hell gave men, and especially insignificant men in suits permission to decide what a woman chooses to do with her own body. 

There are a lot of men today who walks into a bedroom, undresses a woman, without even bringing a condom along. There is an expectation that all women should be on birth control, and that it is not the man’s responsibility to use protection. With the argument saying that it’s nicer to have sex without a condom. 

Why should a woman not be able to decide on whether she wants to stay pregnant? When the man who raped her did not ask for permission to make her pregnant?

aleks nilssenComment