Day 2


The nature of Iceland  is so immense and overwhelming. You really feel like you are walking through several worlds in one day..alot of impressions. A nature that puts you in direct contact with yourself.. I teaches us that we are everything or that we can choose to get in touch with everything that lies dormant in us. That little bit of wilderness in you that is just waiting to be engaged with.

You can be the ongoing river that nourishes your surroundings, the wind that reminds people to fly, the rain that makes things grow, or the destructive rainstrom that makes things overflow, you can be the river that runs, the waves that roll, the water that rehydrates, or a desert of endless opportunity. It's up to us how we decide to be nature. But always remember that you are nature.  You are the only one who can be the change!! 

Support my walk for nature and culture- the true colors of our world..  


Support the cause of protecting the Ju/'hoansi (indigenous people) and keeping them the Shepherds of Nature and their knowledge alive..

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