Footing across Iceland

Nomads used to be defined as people who were at home everywhere, a modern nomad is a person who does not feel at home anywhere.

- I’m walking across Iceland tomorrow, I say..

- Why? You ask

- Because sometimes in this life we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes in the middle of “Nowhere" we find ourselves


One of the things that I have realized after years of working with indigenous peoples and trying to reconnect people to nature is that: We are people and we share the same home. Earth. We are all here to have a purpose and to participate and contribute to our surroundings. That’s easier said then done though..

In April I walked across Namibia with !ui and !amache, two Ju/´hoansi Bushmen. It’s was a 1490 km journey from the east to the west. A journey of rewilding our perceptions and create awareness about the importance of ancient cultures, their knowledge and sustainable approach to mother nature. That walk changed my life.. It was an incredible experience. But in the duration of that walk, through the stories that we created and shared we ended up reaching people from all walks of life and get them excited about nature. The walk was a realization that we are not just people living in nature, or people that should take care of nature, but that we are of nature.


It’s not important what I as an individual do, but what we can change, influence and build as many individuals together. Maybe that’s why indigenous peoples have endured and survived so much? Because they worked in unity.

I have decided to walk the way and face challenges and fear to unite people from all walks of life through a 10 day walking journey across Iceland.

But why Iceland? There are no indigenous peoples there..

My point exactly..

Iceland is alive, and I want to foot from the centre of the earth. And yes, there are no indigenous people on Iceland, but my people, The Norwegians, were the first ones there. A long time ago.

"I don’t want to walk in my sleep, I don’t want to walk aimlessly, I’m doing this walk to create awareness about the importance of culture, nature and to raise money for Nanofasa's work with keeping the culture and wellbeing of the Ju/´hoansi People alive.  I walk to see if we can share, help and unite regardless of which walk of life we came from.

Allow me to walk, and I will bring you a journey" follow my journey on this blog or on Instagram  if you want to support our cause you can DONATE HERE