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Everyday I’m shuffling

aleks nilssen


Everyday brings a new opportunity or a new challenge. Sometimes the opportunity is in the challenge, and other times the challenge is the opportunity. The one never arrives without the other, but we can choose how we perceive events, actions, stillness, experiences  and or disturbances. The power of perception is our one true superpower as humanbeings.. and animals might not be able to perceive,  but animals can teach us about how we can harness, utilize and transform this superpower into action.. it is a choice to run away like a mouse, lead like a matriarchal elephant, work together like lionesses, sleep it off like sloths, dive deep like whales or cruise the surface like ducks.. It is a choice to feel what you feel right now! It is a choice to do what you do right now and its a choice to love who you are right now..