# The hospital

When you’re healthy you have millions of wishes, when you’re sick you have one wish, to be healthy again

I grew up with health personnel throughout my family, but I never really saw much of hospitals, emergency rooms or doctors offices, except for when I was waiting for my dad to finish work. But now it was my turn to experience the world of hospitals in the heart of Namibia. 

"Good morning Aleksandra". A women walks in, turns on the light and starts washing the floors. Its 4 am in the morning, and a new HOSPITAL day has begun. I guess it's never to early to clean the floors. 

When we get sick our bodies are trying to guide and help us adjust the compass and identify where you are now, why you are here, and where you should be. It is a time to focus and be present, where there is little things that can steal the attention of your mind and presence. And your senses become more vivid. You start becoming aware of :

1. What it's like to be in one room or in one mind all day.. and how beautiful daylight feels when you set outside

2. You become more aware of smells and tastes

3. You become selective of what you want to let in of information.

4. You become grateful for all the things that we grow blind for when we are living our hustle and bustle lives. And suddenly there is a moment of gratitude where you realize what a privilege it is to have such fantastic friends who keeps bringing the world to you in all shapes and sizes. 

 You realize the truth in that "when we are healthy we have a million wishes, but when we are sick we only have one wish"